Quoting Terms and Conditions

This quote is confidential between Spectrum and the Customer to whom this quote was sent. It is not to be disclosed nor discussed with any other company or individual unless agreed to in writing in advance by Spectrum.

Quoted prices are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote unless otherwise noted, or if the quote is changed or withdrawn. Final pricing is subject to review at time of job award. Updated quality requirements, packaging information, and part design must be confirmed to Spectrum at that time. Prices can be held firm through a mutually established date.

Spectrum’s quote does not guarantee availability of production capacity. Customer should confirm with Spectrum prior to sending parts for processing.

Spectrum rejects any additional or different terms or conditions proposed by Customer that may be shown on Customer’s forms, website, and/or online click-through “OK” or “I accept” requirements unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Payment terms are 30 days net from date of Spectrum’s invoice unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Pricing is based on Customer supplying all packaging material unless otherwise stated on the quote.

All pricing is based on parts being packaged in stackable (min. 3-high stack) skid-sized containers before and after e-coat processing unless otherwise noted on the quote.

Minimum lot charge per part number per lot per shipment received is $350 or per agreement.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide Spectrum’s Quote Manager with an email describing details of any changes to P.O.’s, specifications, or any other related documents

Customer is responsible to supply current paint specifications.

Manufacturing aids such as paint racks and jigs are designed and built through proprietary knowledge of Spectrum and will be maintained, repaired (or replaced) by Spectrum. These aids are constructed for – and become a part of – Spectrum’s processing system. Therefore, regardless of any set-up fee paid by the customer the aids remain the property of Spectrum.

Spectrum is allowed 3% for shrinkage (scrap; in/out count variance, etc.). Customer debits for part loss in excess of the 3% is limited to 150% of the price charged by Spectrum to coat those parts. Spectrum is not obligated to return scrapped parts to Customer.

Customer is responsible to provide parts that are free of defects(rust, dirt, etc.). Only oils and/or temporary rust preventative chemicals that are water-soluble that can be removed by Spectrum’s cleaning pretreatment process are acceptable.

Spectrum is not responsible for paint adhesion on laser-cut edges.

Spectrum’s process is controlled by Spectrum’s Process Verification Plan. Any additional testing and the cost associated with those tests will be the Customer’s responsibility.

Processed parts will be shipped based on accepted Customer orders and release schedules, not PPAP approval.

A minimum 3/16” diameter racking hole is required in all parts, unless otherwise agreed to by Spectrum.

Customer shall provide a Supplier Manual at time of job award for Spectrum review and acceptance.

E-coat is a corrosion-resistant coating. Small visual conditions such as drips, runs, etc. may be present. Information regarding cosmetic acceptance criteria must be provided to Spectrum on RFQ and/or in advance of production, then mutually agreed to before quote is firm.

Customer is responsible for e-coat finish defects resulting from the packaging materials, packaging design, and transportation handling.

Rack marks, ash, and paint burrs in racking holes are common to the e-coat process and not grounds for rejection.

Bolt and nut threads are susceptible to e-coat build-up “bridging.”. It is the Customer’s responsibility to allow for proper fit and function of mating hardware to the e-coated threads.

Spectrum is not responsible for masking, unless otherwise quoted. When masking is quoted it is an attempt to minimize but not guaranteed to prevent paint on masked areas. As e-coat is a submersion process, “bleeding” under the masking and bridging at the perimeter of the masking is possible and is not grounds for rejection.

When components or packaging are purchased by Spectrum for use on customer parts, a 60-day written notice before End of Production is required. The customer is responsible for any remaining inventory costs and/or re-stocking fees.

Spectrum is not responsible to paint adhesion on welded areas.

Zinc plated parts cannot be passivated prior to e-coat.

All prices are in USD.

English shall be the official language of all communications.