Spectrum Manufacturing Services

Spectrum Manufacturing Services (SMS) is an assembly group that delivers high-quality welds and innovative, manufacturing solutions to customers. With our extensive experience as an OEM supplier and our unique capabilities and equipment, our goal is to help you take your product from welding to coating and final assembly.

SMS is proud to offer a robust variety of welding capabilities such as MIG, projection, spot, resistance, laser ablation, weld cutting and etch testing. Our ITF certified team will collaborate with you to turn your project’s unique specifications into an incredible result.

We are a full-service welding shop committed to going above and beyond for our customers. We are proud to offer:

on-site assembly

warehousing space

company-owned trucking


Custom Welding

SMS offers versatile welding solutions unique to your project. Our robotic welding cell is ideal for high-volume production with its exceptional speed and precision.

Diverse Capabilities

In addition to in-house welding, we offer a range of additional manufacturing services so that you can save time and money.