Spectrum E-Coat

Founded in 1979, Spectrum E-Coat uses a state-of-the-art electrodeposition paint system to apply a corrosion-resistant coating to metal and plastic parts. Our black cathodic epoxy electrocoat and 11-stage zinc-phosphate pretreatment provide complete coverage and superior adhesion with a finish that is uniquely durable and decorative.

Our 220,000 square feet of production facilities can finish up to 1,000,000 parts daily with larger tanks than our competitors.

We provide our customers with superior service, including:

in-house test lab

part masking

specialty packaging

100% on time delivery


company-owned truck fleet

E-Coat Wealthy

Spectrum Wealthy uses a monorail system to e-coat small to medium, high-volume parts.

E-Coat Belding

Spectrum Belding is a transfer tank system that allows us to run large parts as well as pre-racked parts.

"The Spectrum team is incredibly easy to work with; from constant progress updates, to very involved responses - I appreciate working with them daily."



"Very helpful and pleasant to work with! Always able to help out in a time of need!"

Accurate Machine and Tool


"Pleased from the quoting phase through the finished products."


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