Spectrum Industries

Spectrum Industries is third-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With 250 talented team members operating in 4 locations, we aim to be an organization of excellence in the eyes of our employees, customers and the greater community.

Our many divisions offer a wide range of manufacturing services to meet your needs.

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To be an organization of excellence in the eyes of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Spectrum Industries Values, Vision, and Mission


To attract valued customers, suppliers, and employees through innovation and exceptional customer service while providing opportunities for employees and community enrichment.


Respect and honestly in all situations, approaching challenges with a “can do” attitude, and improving the quality of life of our employees and their families.


We take pride in providing quality products and services while continually improving our systems and reducing waste.


  • Employee Retention
  • External PPM
  • Internal PPM
  • On-time Delivery

Our Culture

Here at Spectrum we take the term “family business” seriously. Treating our employees with the same respect and compassion as you would a family member is a core value of ours. We strive to help our team members improve their lives by providing services and support not common in our industry. We have an onsite nurse, membership to The Source, cereal bar, and pay day advances to name a few. Building this level of trust and rapport is essential so we can work together as a team to provide for our customers and community.

Our founder, Jay Bassett, believed in listening to the feedback from employees and using that to help shape and guide the business. After all, they are closest to the work being done, they know their jobs better than anyone else. Many of our innovations come from these collaborations; including tooling improvements to increase efficiency and safety, improvements to the paint line to reduce downtime, an incentive system to reward employees for catching defects before they are processed.

Spectrum is here to help provide stable employment and a friendly community. Being inclusive to the community around us is a core value of ours, we are not as concerned about someone’s past as we are where they want to go with their future. Being a second chance employer has given us the opportunity to employ some really driven individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce.

Extensive work is put in to develop and train our team members using mentorship, development plans, Predictive Index behavioral assessment, and local training partners. Tools, such as our internal job bid process, help us to elevate driven internal candidates to the next stage in their careers.