Terms and Conditions

Decorative Finishes Terms and Conditions

  • Payment: Net 30
  • Transport: FOB: Spectrum Industries, Inc.
  • Rack Tooling: 50% with PO / 50% upon part approval. Rack tooling is the property of Spectrum Industries. Rack tooling assumes a level loaded schedule.
  • Injection Tooling: 1/3 with PO / 13 at 1st shot / 1/3 at PPAP, not to exceed 12 months
  • If customer is supplying part, please allow 10% fall out.
  • Forecast Firm for Material: 12 weeks
  • Forecast Firm for Orders: 4 weeks
  • Production Lead Time: 2 weeks from receipt of conforming product
  • Quality Criteria: Per GCS-31-1823
  • Service orders will require a set-up fee, MOQ plus production piece price
  • Spectrum will conduct testing to the standard specification for decorative coatings, any additional testing and/or dimensional layouts will be the responsibility of the customer
  • Spectrum retains the right to invoice for costs associated with early cancellation based on SOP and length of program.
  • In the event that Spectrum is not involved in either sourcing the Molder and/or the mold build, Spectrum reserves the right to evaluate the mold(s) as well as first shot parts to determine the quality of the mold(s) prior to accepting responsibility for their management. Spectrum also expects that any mold(s) that it is responsible for managing meet commonly accepted mold build standards. This should include but not be limited to, appropriate mold steel hardness and quality, proper gate and runner size, etc. Spectrum reserves the right to visit and evaluate the capability of the molder selected to ensure that they are able to produce parts that meets our quality standards and can provide the on time delivery required
  • Should Spectrum source the molder, but not the mold, Spectrum assumes no responsibility until such time as the mold and parts meet our customer, our molder, and Spectrums approval. All parties must sign off on an agreed set of parts as well as a mold acceptance sheet to be provided