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Spectrum Decorative Finishes has been providing exquisite aircraft interior finishes since 1995 - including rich wood grains, exciting technical patterns, and silky paints. We are one of the largest hydrographic and paint decorators in the industry, utilizing the most advanced robot application in a clean room environment. With the addition of RAYN Technology, Spectrum Decorative Finishes now offers the design community a broad range of flexibility in creating and applying innovative designs.




Water transfer printed designs onto 3D surfaces

Piano Black Paint

Specialty hi-gloss paint finish

RAYN Technology

Unique, low-cost, low investment surface decoration solution.

Supply Chain

Component sourcing and management


  • Aluminum
  • Kydex ®
  • Radel ®
  • Plastic resins
  • Honeycomb
  • Other - If it's paintable, it can be decorated

Performance Testing

  • Vertical Burn
  • Smoke Density
  • Smoke Toxicity
  • Heat Release


Brown Diamond

ID# 1215

Brown Cross Stitch

ID# 1284

Silver and Grey Waves

ID# 1327

Silver and Grey Waves

ID# 1443

Blue Stones

ID# 1590

Woodgrain Pattern with Orange Red Lines

ID# 1591

Blue Spirals

ID# 1592

Black Base with Curved White Lines

ID# 1594

Black Base with White Cross Pattern

ID# 1605

Silver Abstract Lines

ID# 1609

Silver Woodgrain with Embeded Logo

ID# 1610

Eletric Blue

ID# 1611

Electric Green

ID# 1611

Green Cross Patterns

ID# 1616

Black Base with Yellow Circles

ID# 1620

Textured Woodgrain

ID# 1628

Stained Wood

ID# 1630

Marble Wood

ID# 1631

Rustic Woodgrain

ID# 1632

Dark Woodgrain

ID# 1634

Light Wood

ID# 1635

Two Tone Dark Woodgrain with Carbon Fiber

ID# 1641

Two Tone Light Woodgrain with Carbon Fiber

ID# 1642

Two Tone Brown with Sivler Stripe

ID# 1643

Two Tone Wood Grain

ID# 1644

Two Tone Wood Grain

ID# 1652


ID# BS020

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The experienced staff at Spectrum Decorative Finishes, Inc. looks forward to assisting you with your aerospace service needs.